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Garmin T5 GPS Standard Dog Tracking Collar


Garmin T5 GPS Standard Dog Tracking Collar


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The Garmin T5 GPS Collar is the extra tracking only collar for the Garmin ALPHA GPS Dog Tracking system. This collar allows you to track a dog up to 7 km’s in range. The Garmin ALPHA 100 Dog Tracker is able to track up to 20 dogs (extra T5 Collars). This collar is fully waterproof IPX7 rating (up to 1 metres under water). It also has a 4 hours fast charge user replaceable battery .

Extended Range Antenna

Optic hunting gear recommend our customers getting the 58cm antenna for the Garmin T5 collar. Especially with the Australian tough Pig Hunting conditions, pig hunters and dogs are working under heavy covered area, this antenna emits a much better signal so the T5 collar is still able to communicate with Garmin Alpha 100 handheld.


                                                     Garmin Extended Range VHF Antenna – 58cm For T5 Collar

Rescue Mode

The Rescue Mode increases the amount of time before a collar battery dies. This allows more time to find and recover the dog. This mode can be activated automatically or manually. When it is manually activated, the collar’s update rate will drop to every 2 minutes to ping the ALPHA handheld to extend the battery life. The Rescue Mode stays on until it is turned off. When the battery of the collar drops to 25%, it will be activated automatically.

Collar operating hours in relation to the Ping Update Rate

  • 25 hours with 5 second update rate
  • 35 hours with 10 second update rate
  • 40 hours with 30 second update rate
  • 52 hours with 120 second update rate

High-Sensitivity GPS/GLONASS Receiver

The Garmin T5 collar has built in Standard GPS satellite receiver as well as the GLONASS satellite receiver. The GLONASS is the Russian Navigation Satellite System which has 24 orbital satellites. It is the second alternative navigational system in operation with GPS. It means this Garmin T5 collar is able to receive 24 more satellite signals than other GPS dog tracking collars.It is very unlikely that this T5 collar will lose the signal. The GLONASS helps you to locate the dog much quicker and has much better signal strength even in heavy cover.

Tone, Vibration and Beacon light

The Garmin T5 collar has Tone and Vibration as a warning for your dog. It also has a built-in remote operated beacon light to help pig hunters locate their dogs at night or in low light condition. The beacon light is visible for up to 90 metres.


Weight: 263g with collar strap and antenna

Height: 4.45cm

Width: 8.90cm

Depth: 4.70cm

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