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Thermal scope OpticHuntingGear

Thermal scopes vs Night Vision scopes for hunting

Thermal scopes/monocular and night vision scopes are two distinct types of optics commonly used in hunting scenarios, offering unique capabilities to hunters in different conditions. While both technologies enhance visibility in low-light environments, they operate on different principles and provide varying advantages. Thermal scopes/monocular rely...
hunting hounds dogs Garmin DogHunt system

Dog training collars and tracking collars, what is the difference

Training collars and tracking collars are both commonly used tools in hunting dog training, but they serve distinct purposes and have different functionalities. Here are the key differences between training collars and tracking collars: Training Collars: Training collars, also known as remote training collars, are...
hunting dogs tracking collars OpticHuntingGear

Tracking collars on hunting dogs

Tracking collars offer numerous benefits when used on hunting dogs. These collars are designed with advanced technology that enhances the hunting experience and provides valuable information to both hunters and dog owners. Here are some key advantages of using tracking collars: Enhanced Safety: Hunting dogs...
bore snake OpticHuntingGear

The importance of cleaning your hunting rifle

Cleaning the barrel of a hunting rifle is a crucial maintenance task that every responsible hunter should undertake regularly. The barrel is a critical component of the firearm, and its cleanliness directly affects the rifle's performance and accuracy. Here are several reasons why it is...
spotlight hunting handheld by OpticHuntingGear

Why use a spotlight during hunting

A spotlight can be a valuable tool during hunting, providing several advantages to hunters in specific situations. While hunting, a spotlight can be used to illuminate the surrounding area, enhancing visibility and increasing the chances of spotting animals.   Here are a few reasons why...
hunting with dogs hunting hound supplies OpticHuntingGear

The benefits of hunting with dogs

Hunting with dogs has been a long-standing tradition that dates back thousands of years. It has proven to be a beneficial and effective method for hunters in various ways, offering advantages over hunting without the assistance of dogs. From improved tracking abilities to enhanced safety...

Join us on October 19-20 2019 at Melbourne Showgrounds At Stand Number 242

SSAA SHOT Expo October 19-20, 2019 in Melbourne, will feature 150+ exhibitors with all the major brands to showcase the latest equipment, gear, accessories and services. Scroll down for the current list of participating exhibitors, with more to be announced over the coming weeks and months!

HUNTEXPO Melbourne 25th and 26th MAY 2019

Optic Hunting Gear will be at stand 3016 HUNTEXPO is a fresh event for the outdoor community. A consumer exhibition for hunting, game, sports shooters, farmers, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. HUNTEXPO has the biggest brands on display, the best advice, awesome show prize pool of...

WILD DEER EXPO 30th 31st March at Sandown Racecourse

Optic Hunting Gear will have a 6m x 6m stand at the Wild Deer Expo on the 30th and 31st of March at Sandown Racecourse. We will be at stand number br26 in the betting ring, come down check out our wide range of hunting...