Velvet Antler Technologies

Velvet Antler Technologies

The go-to product range to clean, preserve and protect your trophies and hides, developed by passionate hunters for hunters.

All your favourite VAT products VelvaLok, HideLok, BoneBrite, VelvaSkrub and VelvaKlean are now locally available, meaning that you always have a fresh supply for best preserving and cleaning performance.

Velvet Antler Technologies Australia Optic Hunting Gear

Available from Optic Hunting Gear, Australia's number one distributor for Velvet Antler Technologies.


The ONE and ONLY velvet antler preservative on the market that sets, dries, and preserves natural velvet while getting rid of bugs. Just spray and walk away! Preserves velvet in 72 hours!

For the warm temperatures in Australia, take a bottle of HideLok and VelvaLok in your pack.

Use it in the field to make sure the beauty stays in prime shape.

You can also use it at home, even after taking out of the freezer. Simply thaw out, make sure it's dry and apply as soon as it's not cold to touch any more.

Non-toxic and safe to handle - no special tools, needles, or harmful chemicals required!

The easy do-it-yourself skull whitening/degreaser kit is specifically designed to pull stubborn oil from bone.

Just simply spray, brush, and walk away for unmatched results!

For quicker, and more dramatic results, place skull/bone in direct sunlight after applying Premium Bone Whitener!

Blood, mud or other stains on your gear or trophies?? Get em out with VelvaSkrub!

VelvaSkrub premier stain and blood remover for hides, packs, clothing, game bags, etc. Its proprietary blend of enzymes rapidly converts stains into water-soluble byproducts easily washed away! No stains, no mess!

When you get a successful harvest, it may get a little messy.

CLEAN UP all your gear with ease.

Melts blood and other stains away. Works on most things around the house as well.

Velvet Antler Technologies' VelvaSkrub is now available in Australia direct from the distributor Optic Hunting Gear.

When was the last time you cleaned your mounts?

Take a look at this... it cleans and protects!

Velvet Antler Technologies' VelvaKlean is a premium mount cleaner and protectant and is directly available from Optic Hunting Gear right here in Australia.

Trophyklean Premium Taxidermy Mount Cleaner / conditioner


VelvaKlean utilizes a proprietary mixture that protects your mounts from invasive bugs. Common cloth moths, Beetles, and even Cockroaches can ruin taxidermy.

VelvaKlean is the only product available that not only kills the bugs but also kills the larvae!

  • Cleans and Protects Taxidermy
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Removes Harmful Dust and Oils
  • Protects against Invasive Bugs

--> 355ml Purchases Include a Towel and Brush