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Throw any other solvents you have in the bin, Pro-Tactical PCB Bore Solvent Cleaner is the ALL-IN-ONE cleaner boasting match grade performance which will have your rifle cleaned to within a near new standard. Sometimes you get what you paid for, other times you get much more than you paid for – that’s the PCB guarantee!

PCB is 100% Australian Made and is a highly effective rifle barrel cleaning tool, precisely formulated to remove copper, carbon, brass and powder residue from your barrel, loosening and removing any harmful contaminants which may cause long lasting negative effects to your bore. Whether you’re competition shooting or hunting game, a clean rifle can be the difference between success and failure. Don’t let fouling build up in your bore let you down!

PCB is safe and easy to use, the 125ml dropper bottle designed to apply the perfect amount needed for the clean while reducing wastage. PCB does not react with any component of steel and does not contain ammonia meaning it is stainless steel safe.

Features & Specifications:

Bottle Size – 125ml
100% Made in Australia!
All-in-one cleaner boasting match grade performance.
Fully removes copper, carbon, powder and brass residue.
Contains no ammonia.
Stainless steel safe.
PCB is not a rust preventative.
Cleaning Instructions:

Apply PCB to bore with a patch or wool mop and let it soak for 5 minutes.
Run a bronze brush up and down the bore to loosen up the broken down fouling.
Use dry patches to remove fouling and excess cleaner.
Repeat steps 1 to 3 until clean.
Once clean and if storing, always remember to oil and lubricate.

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