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$ 180.00
Chase Full Cheat Plate

Chase have desinged a new Chest plate

Hand made in Australia to ensure evey plate is made to the best quality 

Light Weight but tough enough to stop pig tusk

Made from flexible fabric to fit you dogs body shape and size.

No straps or Buckles to get caught on fences trees and branches while hunting.

All plates come with a u shackle on the neck for clipping your dog up when hunting and training your dogs

Two straps to hold your tracker on the neck and out off the way off buckles on your tracking collars

With extended bib to protect you dog neck, throat and chin when streathed out.

With most plates the bibs just fold down ,we have desinged a way to keep the bib up, but not restrict your dogs movements but still protect the most important part off your dog.

We have 3 standard Sizes S,M AND L in blue these are stcked plates.

We can make make custom colours, sizes and style to suit your dog

For custom plates please contact us