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$ 199.00
Garmin Alpha 100/ Astro Fiberglass Bull Bar Antenna


Garmin Alpha 100/ Astro Fiberglass Bull Bar Antenna

Made to suit Australian Frequency Tracking collars 

With a heavy-duty spring base and strong Fibreglass antenna is made to last.

Optic Hunting Gear have designed their fibreglass antenna to get the most distance out of your tracking collars.

Tested both in the field and with SWR metre to make sure every antenna is made to the highest quality 

Fits Garmin Astro 220, Garmin Astro 320, Gamin Astro 430, Garmin Alpha 100, and Dogtra Pathfinders


Mounting Your Antenna.

When mounting you Fibreglass antenna we suggest mounting to the welded bull bar antenna bracket 

We do not recommend using a clamp bracket due to the large size and weight off the antenna.


1x Fiberglass Antenna with heavy duty spring base 

1x 5m for wire 

1x Male Quick Connect

2x Female Quick Connect