Product details

$ 799.00

* Up to 7km range
* AU legal frequency
* Suits dogs from 15kg
* Expandable to track up to 21 dogs or hunters
* 2-Second Update Rate
* Offline Maps (Google Map)
* Precise and Up-to-date Maps
* Tracking Only Mode
* 100 levels of stimulation with Rheostat/Slider Dial
* Nick and Constant Stimulation
* Warning beep/tone
* Waterproof and rechargeable system
* 3.5 hours fast charge batteries
* Enhanced & extendable contact points
* 2-year limited warranty

The new Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Dog Tracking N Training System is finally here. This new dog tracker brings GPS and e-collar technology right to your smartphone IOS or Android, giving you an easy more intelligent and responsive way to track and train your dogs. The Pathfinder works without using mobile phone data. Download the free maps to your phone (while you have WIFI available) and operate your smartphone in offline map mode. Unlike other GPS e-collars, you can enjoy the tracking on a more refined, higher resolution and bigger mobile screen.

You will be using Google Maps™ offline version with satellite and terrain views and you can track up to 21 dogs or hunters, you can share locations, playback data and create custom Geo-Fence notifications. With super fast two-second update rate and a powerful zoom in capacity, the Pathfinder tracking feature has greater live action detail and very accurate when you’re out hunting.

Package includes

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS/ Ecollar

Dogtra GPS "Connector"

Belt clip and lanyard

Charger and splitter charging cable

E collar stimulation test light

Dogtra Pathfinder “Connector”

On/off button

Connects to smartphone via Bluetooth with max range of 10 metres

Fully waterproof

Battery power indicator

Fast charge lithium polymer battery

Dogtra Pathfinder “Dog Collar”

Suits dogs from 15kg

On/off button

Fully waterproof

Battery power indicator

Fast charge lithium polymer battery

Standard probes for most dogs and probes extender for long hair dog

Dogtra Pathfinder App available in Apple iTunes & Google Play store

Controls tracking & e collar stimulation functions from your smartphone

Compatible with iOS 8.1 up & Android 4.3 up

Expandable to track and train up to 21 dogs

Satellite and terrain map views by Google Maps (download offline map)

2 seconds faster update rate for tracking

Displays dogs’ position, my shared friends’ position and my position information

Dog status indicates: on-point, treed or running

Custom alerts for dog actions (sound, vibration)

Geo-Fence with alert for customised boundaries

Manual start/stop tracking record – record to history

History playback on your smartphone and computer

Easy location sharing for dogs and dog owners

100 levels of Momentary (Nick) and Constant stimulation

Non-stimulating tone

Digital compass