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$ 29.99
Hound Bail Up Lead

Hound Bail Up Lead

Your Dog carry's  it's own lead.

A small pock that can slide on and off your dog collar made for 25mm and 32mm dog collars.

How many times do you run into a bail up and don't have enough dog leads to tie up your hounds???
Optic Hunting Gear Have come up with a solution, your dog carry's its own lead in a small pocket on your dogs collar.

The sew end facing towards the front and the open end is held shut with Velcro.

There are 3 main functions the Bail up lead offers.

1. Dog Carry's it own lead

2. Tree lead (when you get to bail up you simple open up the Bail up lead walk your dog to a tree loop around tree and attach to d shackel on lead)

3. Bail up lead has a handle made into the lead so you can walk your dog out 

When finished simply push lead into pocket and push velcro togeather and you are ready to hunt again!!!!