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$ 369.00
Num'axes Canifugue Small Invisible Dog Fence


Kit Includes:

1 x Canifugue Transmitter

1 x Power adapter

1 x Canifugue Small collar

Probes for short and long coats

Charging station and power adapter for Canifugue small collar

100 metres of standard wire (0.7mm gauge)

10 x Training Flags

1 x Magnetic key

Instruction Manual and DVD

The Num'axes Canifugue Small Electronic Dog Fencing contains your escaping cats and small dogs safe and easy within an area of up to 10 acres with extra thicker 1.5 mm gauge wire. This invisible dog fence is ideal for easily trained cats and dogs from 2.5kg in weight.


The Num'axes Canifugue small dog collar has 8 manual adjustable stimulation levels of output. The preset stimulation level is at level 4 in the factory for optimal performance. It can be easily adjusted and set the output to suit different dog's and cat's temperament. When the cat/dog enters the containment field, she will hear a two second warning tone. After training she will know to back into the safe part of the yard. By moving forward or staying in the activated area, the collar will deliver a continuous preset level of stimulation until she moves back into the yard. The Num'axes Canifugue small dog containment system has an over stimulation prevention function, this feature limits stimulation duration to 20 seconds.

Stimulation Modes (levels) Dogs
1, 2, 3 Low Stimulation levels for cats, small and sensitive dogs
4, 5, 6 Medium Stimulation levels for cats or small dogs with average temperament
7,8 High Stimulation levels for cats or  small stubborn dogs

The Num'axes Canifugue small invisible dog fence makes it easy to train your cats and dogs by spending 10-15 minutes a day for around 10 days. To make training easier for you and your cats and dogs, the Num'axes Canifugue Small includes a training and installation DVD which covers all aspects of the training that is required. You can train as many cats or dogs as you want on the same system as long as each dog is wearing a receiver collar which are available if required.  For Highly motivated dogs, larger breeds or stubborn dogs it would be better to consider a rechargeable PAC Invisible Dog Fence

How the Num'axes Canifugue Small Invisible Dog Fence works:

The Num'axes Canifugue transmitter plugs into a standard power outlet and emits a radio signal that travels along an containment/antenna wire. Please note: The radio transmitter is NOT waterproof.

The lightweight Num'axes Canifugue Small receiver collar on your cat or dog picks up the radio signal and alerts him with a warning tone as he enters the warning field (adjustable from approx 40cm to 6 metres on each side of the wire). If he continues towards the fencing boundary and enters into the stimulation field (adjustable from approx 30cm to 1.5 metres on each side of the wire), he will receive a preset level of correction similar to a static pulse.

The dog fencing boundary wire is buried underground approximately 1-2 inches (2.5cm to 5 cm) deep or you can attach it to your existing fencing using cable ties or other fasteners. The boundary wire can be installed to suit almost any situation. Here are some examples of how the wire can be installed:

The wire can be installed to protect areas such as garden beds, pools, etc, while still allowing the dog to roam freely around your property. The wire can also be installed to protect these areas while also containing your escaping dog within your property.

This sort of product differs from regular Dog Electric Fencing in so far as a regular electric fence zapps anyone or anything that comes in contact with the "hot wire", whereas this type of radio fence only effects the animal wearing the collar.