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$ 270.00


* Includes all accessories you need to set up an electric fence!
* Solar Powered
* PULSATING current
* Activates up to 200 metres (total) of electric fence wire / 60 metres fence line (see image below)
* Perfect for locations without access to electricity
* Any type of electric fence wire can be used including poly-wire and poly-tape
* Rugged, damage resistant solar panel collects energy from the sun even on overcast days
* Indicator light - tells you at a glance that the electric fence energizer is electrified and battery status
* Contain pets or keep destructive animals away from your gardens

The Nemtek PetStop Solar Powered Electric Dog Fencing kit is used to contain your dogs and cats in your property as well as keeps away from unwanted areas such as, flower beds, vegetable gardens etc. By installing a highly visible poly wire barrier you are able to limit your pets access to these areas. The pet gets to know which areas are off limits by identifying that the poly wire as the barrier and won’t challenge it. Once the pet is familiar with the electric fence wire, the  solar powered electric fence can then in many instances be turned off. The visual aspect is enough to deter the pet. This PetStop Electric Fence Kit is recommended to fence up to 60 metres fence line or up to 200 metres of Ecostop SS3 electric fence wire. The calculation of setup is based on the 60 metres boundary with 3 lines of Ecostop SS3 wire: 60 metres x 3 = 180 metres total length of wire. For area more than 60 metres boundary, please consider better electric fence wire which has less resistance rate and stronger energizers. Please refer to our Electric Fence Buying Guide.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Pet stop electric fence energizer
  • 1 x Solar panel and a 2Ah battery
  • 1 x Mounting bracket (for energizer and solar panel)
  • 8 x fibre glass poles
  • 24 x spring clamps (used with the 8 mm fibre glass poles)
  • 200m of Ecostop SS3 poly electric fence wire
  • 1 x Nemtek warning sign
  • 1 x 850 mm Galvanised earth spike

Selecting the location for the solar powered electric fence system

Select a location that will allow the solar module to collect the maximum amount of sunlight that is available on a clear day. An ideal location would allow the module to point directly at the sun at noontime each day of the year. As a general rule, modules used in the northern hemisphere should be faced due south (not magnetic south). Modules used in the southern hemisphere should be faced due north (not magnetic north). The location site should be free of any objects such as trees, which would block the sunlight from the solar module.

Electronic Dog Fence design:

1. The design is simple and usually consists the Fibre Glass Posts fitted with Spring Clamps and threaded with a single Poly wire. Spacing between posts may vary at your discretion, but be sure the wire is always taut and never allowed to sag excessively. Rule of thumb: space posts 3.7 – 7.6 metres apart.

2. The earth is half your fence – so if your Earth Spike is not satisfactory, you will have a poor contact into the earth. This Earth Spike doesn’t have to be next to the fencer, but can be located nearby, preferably in a low, wet spot. This assures better grounding. Drive the spike 500mm or more into the ground, the deeper the better. Sometimes softening the earthstake area with water will help getting the earthstake into the ground, and will help with earth connection.

3. In dry or sandy soil areas it may be necessary to run additional earth ground wires just below the “hot” wire and earth it several times. This ensures proper “shock” if animal contacts both earth and "Hotwire". In other words, some types of soil do not conduct electricity well and often single – line fences do not work because of poor grounding condition.

4. Do not have the "hot wire" touching grass, trees or other un-insulated objects.

Keep out unwanted animals, wallabies, kangaroos, wombats, wild dogs, dingo can all be deterred from entry if you position your electric fence kit properly near their entry point, or use the  kit to surround your gardon etc.


Energizer Specification:

Output energy max 0.3 J (stored energy 0.5 J) 
Power supply (type) 12 V battery (10 V to 15 V) 
Current consumption (type) 0.045 A 
Maximum fence voltage 7 k V 
Dimensions (W x H x D) 115 x 190 x 76 mm 
Environmental rating IP 65 
Weight 0.65 Kg