Sambar Deer were introduced to Australia From India in the 1960's.

There are many ways to hunt sambar. Stalking, Gun Dogs, Pointers and Hounds 

Sambar are a large deer. A mature Sambar Stag can stand 1.3m heigh at the shoulder and weight in excess off 200kg, Sambar Hind ( Sambar Doe) are smaller than Sambar Stags the can stand 1.1m heigh at the shoulder and weigh in excess off 180kgs.

They are dark brown in colour that fades into a lighter ginger cream underneath there body. There lightness and darknes can slightly vary due to there enviroment they live in.

Sambar antlers are typically 3 points on each side 6 overall, this may vary mongrel stags and stags with extra points, Sambar Antlers Can grown in excess off 30inchers, antler size, shape wight and lengh may all vary due to lots off factors. (main Factors feed, genetics) 

Sambar Deer are solitary by nature, extremely wary and inhabit difficult terrain. They frequent many different habitat types from heavy forest, rough mountainous terrain to more open-country.
Victoria is the most populated state for Sambar Deer and are one of the most difficult species of deer to hunt. There are also sambar in New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Unlike many other deer species in Australia Sambar Stags rut at any time of the year. In Australia there are no natural predators of the Sambar deer so they can breed all year round.