Product details

$ 34.99
Foldable Electronic Earmuffs
Electronic Noise Blocking Earmuff
Earmuffs circuit boards respond to noise for 300 milliseconds.
Sound pickup device will be automatically turn off pickup if the around noise higher than 85DB.
Amplification 6 times to detect the ambient sounds if lower than 70dB
High fidelity stereo sound
Adjustable headband, light weight,soft padded ear cushion
Foldable headband, easy for storage
Independent electronic circuit on both cups
Idea for Shooting,Military,hunter and worker involved in noisy surrounding
Function introduction:
1.Both sides of the switch independent control of both sides of the pickup.
2. Before turning on the switch,that simple sound-proof earmuffs.
3.Open the switch,Sound pickup device can be stored around the ambient sound down,high sensitivity can capture
and amplify the slight sounds(from animals),and you can response quickly.
4.When the surrounding sound suddenly a loud noise (such as gun color and explosions) earphone will
automatically turn off the pickup or reduce the volume of play, play a role in protecting the hearing.